Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Swine flu

Hmm . My son was diagnosed with possible swine flu this morning he has been really ill , we picked up the Tamiflu allocated to him and before i could give it he perked up . hopefully he hasnt got it . My dad is in hospital having tests , having his lungs drained and having cancer removed . We got back in late last night from taking him there because they had a bed problem due to wards closed because of winter vomiting bug .

On the up side my livebearing Platy fish had babies . Five , this morning . the parents are bright orange . I put the mother in a breeding trap to keep the babies safe and she is now removed and back in the tank leaving the babies to grow on . I have special food for them .

My youngest daughter is not naming them she called her fish Twinkled Sausage .

This is the floating breeding trap . ingenious , it comes with an insert which i have taken out , to keep the mother seperate from the babies while she is giving birth . Otherwise she might eat the babies .

Ive been feeling a bit down and depresssed and mornings have been hard so we moved the chandelier to above the new sofa , its brighter for me and  i cleaned the crystals

couldnt resist sharing my new casserole pot . Makes me smile :-)

I want to be gardening ! Im still bringing in pots to clean and putting food out for the birds , tomorrow its supposed to snow again maybe . \the ground is really cold and soggy . I have seen some daffodil leaves coming through though  . Im filling out the order in the seed catalogue tonight , a few more things may sneak in :-))

This geranium is a bit leggy lol i have turned it away from the window so the leaves grow more evenly and move back towards the light .


  1. It is beautiful, intimate, and soothing to share the daily events and feelings with friends. It is the best way to stay in touch. Thanks to the computer technology that made it possible for people around the globe to connect this way.


  2. Its good for me too i enjoy other peoples blogs so im hoping i can make somebody smile :-))