Sunday, 31 January 2010

Alpine thoughts

Some places in the world it gets wilder the further you go , in the Alps it gets wilder the higher you go . Towering above the trappings of civilization the high alpine world  gradually strips itself of mans influence  shedding trees , roads , people  . plantlife untill whats left is the bare essence of high altitude environments , the rocks , the snow and ice , the weird unexpected formations and all pervading , the weather that rules over all . Some animals cling to life here , some plants cling to the sharp slopes and huddle in massive cravasses shelted from scouring winds , hail , lightning , ice , snow . One moments blackout , the next lit by rainbows from below its a world unknown from above its excatly that , a world above  , elevated senses and thoughts in elevated heights .
There is access its tue  , to some areas of the Alps , lots in fact but it only takes a little effort to escape that to true wildness  , to be alone and to soak it up and just feel . I talk to much .

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