Thursday, 3 December 2009

This is how i love the Alps , broody and moody .

About me

Hi all , this is a blog from an English mother with three kids a craving for Switzerland oh and im an artist :-)) oil , watercolour ,acrylic, pencil , pastel , anything ! even walls . I take photographs , i write . Im recovering (i hope) from severe depression and so im going to share how thats working . Im starting to love life again . This year i said hello to the Autumn , i enjoyed it for the first time in years , wooho ! we went chestnutting in the forests , and eat them at night on my new balcony , which ill finish building next year , we carved and lit a pumpkin ,. we toasted mashmallows out there .The only thing i dont have is mountains , BAH !! lol , but i can go to them maybe in two years so untill then i shall paint them instead . I also garden on my balcony . I love it , pure happiness to sit there with a coffee and just enjoy ., the best therapy . oh , no , thats chocolate :-)))

This bit is finished now  , thats the door to my studio . Welcome :-)