Friday, 19 March 2010


 Im in love with these seedings ! they are so fat and strong and big ! 
Tomatoes seem so weedy next to them .
My Squash Honeybear didnt germinate so im trying again this weekend in the airing cupboard with new seeds , i think they needed more heat . im wondering what size those seeds wil be . In fact , im wondering what size the plants will be ! im hoping for something monster and exciting .  Im also fighting off the urge to buy a really brilliant temporary greenhouse with staging that ive seen . its plastic like my existing small ones so i could out it on the decking . hmmmmm .
BUDS on my miniture fruit tree . well , on all of them really . i still dont know what they are or what colour the flowers will be !
My sweet peas and nasturtians were sent to live outside and they are still alive ! i have a bolt of fleece handy if frost is likely or i can bring it in overnight .

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