Tuesday, 16 March 2010

spring !

spring is finally here , i have buds on my fruit trees i cant wait untill the leaves come out  . i have daffodills indoors picked frpm the garden and i even saw some strawberry flowers on the strawberry plants ! i potted a lot of them up in the last few days they had escaped into the border by stealth .  strangely they had all managed to get entwined with a stinging nettle baby plant and my fingers tingled all day . my courgette seedlings are huge ! i love them totally . my squash honeybear has not worked , nothing . i think i need to seed again in a pot and out it somewhere hotter to get them to germinate .  i need to check the peas , potatoes and garlic i have under fleece too . maybe tomorrow afternoon  i will have time , im painting in the morning , got a lynx on canvas still to finish off . im not happy about the background  on it . no photos again because i still cant find my camera charger ! some soon promise .

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