Saturday, 3 April 2010

How my garden grows , in between rain and hailstorms and high winds...

Spring is here , even if the weather is trying its hardest to go back to winter  .
This is my front garden veg patch , i had to pull half the wall down as it was becoming dangerous and this white hump is a homemade cloch made from the poles from a beach tant , some fleece and some clothes pegs . under it is garlic , peas , and possibly about a million tomato plants , or maybe california poppies i cant tell andyway , they will succumb to the hoe once i find out what they are . Next to this are a row of potatoes under fleece but you cant see them in this shot .
One of my mini orchard trees . I still dont know what it is exactly .
this is the  bottom half of my olive tree , im hoping this trunk becomes all gnarly and twisty as it grows . its living in the pot though i found out how big these things can get .
My grape vine is in bud :-)
This one i THINK is either apple or pear . im hoping for apple .
This one , i havnt a clue :-)
My balcony plant hotspot
The violas are romping away now i gave them a feed and they seem to like it
Sweet peas and nasturtians  outside and surviving , mostly .
strawberries in flower . well , one is anyway the rest havnt got the idea yet .
courgette seed it was yellowing slightly so i gave it a feed and its greened up aagin nicely , wow these things are hungry !
Soring onions and lettuce . getting there , a few more weeks before i can harvest though .
Lupin , waiting to go into my flower border . i want it to get big enough to withstand the slugs . the last lot got chomped .

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